Jessica Revesz

How to: Audacious Lashes

Jessica Revesz
How to: Audacious Lashes

Photography — Tyler Thomas


NARS recently launched their new Audacious Mascara—a soft, buildable formula with a bristle-y brush for lengthening. In honor of the launch, we collaborated on this lil post for ya.


Because I'm a bit boring when it comes to my makeup routine (i.e. same thing everyday), I enlisted the help of my friend Kelsey—a professional hair and makeup artist—to help me come up with something a little more innovative but still totally natch. Keeping the theme of layering in mind we came up with these two makeup looks.

And because I'm no makeup expert here's what Kelsey has to say: "The more women I meet in the beauty industry (clients and artists alike), the more it becomes clear that there is one thing we can agree on:If we could only use one item in our makeup bags for the rest of our lives, we would pick mascara. Seriously, nine out of ten women would forgo foundation for a tube of their favorite mascara. After all, your eyes say a lot about you...'the windows to your soul.'

That being said, when approaching this look for Jess, I wanted to keep it simple and achievable. We focused on her amazing eyes and created a look which can smoothly transition from day to night with the flick of eyeliner and a little added rouge.


1. Apply a subtle amount of your favorite nude/brown eye shadow to your eye lids. *Tip: bronzer makes amazing eyeshadow.

2. Define your lash line with a really thin line as close to your lashes as possible. The goal is to enhance your lashes, not look like you have eyeliner on.

3. Apply two layers of Audacious Mascara to the upper lashes and very lightly to the ends of the bottom lashes.

For the first look —

4. I also added a little color to Jess' cheeks and lips by using the NARS Matte Multiple in Siam mixed with a little Paw Paw Ointment for a softer, more natural look.

5. Last, I defined her brows with Benefit's Gimme Brow and Clear Brow Gel.


For the second look —

For the second look we simply wanted to add a little drama (nothing crazy, but a bit more 'done' for a nighttime feel):

1. Layer on a little more of your brown shadow to your eyelids and, using a small smudge brush, under your bottom lashes.

2. Using your favorite black eyeliner (I used the Stylo in Carpates) add a little wing to your liner from the

morning. Set and soften with black eyeshadow for a more diffused look.  
3. I added a little more cheek for Jess, but kept the lip natural, using Paw Paw for a soft shine.

4. Finally, build on your already amazing lashes with one extra layer of Audacious Mascara.


Above all, remember that makeup is an expression of your personal style. It doesn't have to be complicated and over the top to be perfectly 'you.'


The Audacious Mascara was formulated so that you can layer and build it to your liking, keeping things soft or adding more intensity. Jess prefers a more natural look, so we kept our application to just a couple of coats. If you prefer something a bit more dramatic don't be afraid to add on another layer.

A couple mascara tricks to remember: Make sure you get the wand all the way to the base of your lashes, give a gentle push back into your lash line then wiggle the wand up your lashes to lift and separate. If you have lashes which tend to clump together, use a dry spooley brush (disposable mascara wand) over freshly-applied mascara for more separation."