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JH Favorites: August

leigh patterson
JH Favorites: August




Taking inventory of what's front-of-mind right now — below, a list of August favorites.

(ps: comment on this Instagram post to share your recent recommendations. I'm always curious to hear what you suggest!)



1. Pluots (stone fruit season is my favorite)
2. A drink: this special semi-sparkling orange wine. 
3. New tunes: The Internet's album "Hive Mind" has been on repeat in the JH studio ... 
4. So many oils — this summer I've been relying on a few favorite (and some new-to-me) oils for moisturizing and bringing balance to my skin: Noto's Botanical oil, F. Miller's Eye Treatment Oil, Sunday Riley's UFO oil, and Sans' Activator 7 oil are in my current lineup.
5. Speaking of Noto, I am also using their Highlighter Stick daily in a stripped-back, minimal summer makeup routine.  
6. A practice: Heart Rate Variability in meditation. I struggle to quiet my mind in guided meditations and have been fascinated by breathwork and intentional heart-varying techniques that create coherence between heart and mind. I first learned about HRV from this podcast episode, which I recommend!
7. I've been wearing Eames polish all month! I love how it looks when worn with all neutrals. Just unexpected enough...
8. Parker Posey on audiobook! The narrator makes or breaks an audiobook, and I love when it’s read by the author. Perfect for a morning commute. 

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