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JH Favorites: February

leigh patterson
JH Favorites: February

Our semi-regular round-up of recent interests…


1.   The tinted marine salve by Make beauty...it’s a no-brainer for lips but also looks great as cheek tint + highlight or on eyelids.

2.   An acupressure finger massager! I heard about this from @gelcream a while ago and I’m addicted. I have a lot of nervous energy and a constant need to do something with my hands, and this is great for calming that (look them up on Amazon!)

3.   Recently have been infusing my cold brew: orange rind + cinnamon stick is a recent favorite combination.


.4.  The book “Company of One,” given to me by my friend @punodostres. The name is somewhat misleading: it’s mostly about making your business better instead of having a goal of blind growth... 

5.   A new planner from Muji is bringing fresh energy to the week.


6.  An activity: I took a glass-blowing class! It was so fun, and I left with a handmade jewelry dish for storing treasures.

7.  Enjoying mushroom coffee made by Zizia (plus cute packaging)!


plus, a few picks from Leigh Patterson from the JH creative team !

8.  Winter skin solutions: Oil cleansing my face (I like the one by F.Miller)

9.   The Yoga Glo website/app for brief, 20-30 minute stretch routines. 


10.   I picked up a Mary Oliver book of poetry after she died last month and have been find a lot of solace and comfort from her words. Some of it borders on the cheesy but I’m finding it very nice...

11.  Drinking buckwheat/soba tea (I buy the one by Leaves & Flowers as a special treat and also have a few that I have bought at Japanese grocery stores. I make a big teapot of it and have the leftovers over ice the next day.)

12.   Planning trips to: rural New Mexico, Berlin, San Miguel de Allende, and also wanting to go someplace warm…