leigh patterson

DIVING: Studies in Underwater Communication

leigh patterson
DIVING: Studies in Underwater Communication

a study in underwater communication

vintage guide to boating communication

vintage guide to boating communication

Introducing a special J.Hannah collaboration — a study on scuba signals, underwater language, and modes of unspoken communication. 

Video + image stills by Greta Van Der Star

Art direction by Natasha Mead

Music by Michael A. Muller

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Diving signals are a standardized set of non-verbal underwater communication, established for safety and directional instruction, ie:

Directional — stop, going up/going down, changing direction, turn around, slow down, level off
Safety — I'm okay! or Help! or I'm low on air! 


Guide to Motion signals:

Swim / diver: Form a peace sign with the palm down. Index and middle finger alternate in an up and down motion. 
Level off: A flat hand with palm down and fingers spread moves slowly + horizontally side to side a few times.
No - A clenched fist with a forefinger extended moves side to side. 
Buddy: Fists made with both hands, forefingers extended, and hands placed together with forefingers parallel and in contact.
Hold/wait: A clenched fist held steady, typically leveled with the head or chest.
Ok: A circle is made with thumb and forefinger, extending the remaining fingers if possible.
Up/end the dive: A fist is made with one hand, thumb extended upward, and hand is moved upward to emphasize the direction of travel.

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