leigh patterson

Pet Project: Women in Lockets

leigh patterson
Pet Project: Women in Lockets

To celebrate our new Signature Locket, we visited five creative friends (and their pets!) to document and discuss a shared love for / obsession with our animals. 

Photography by Jen Steele



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1. Sandy Liang and her dog, Tim Tam
Sandy Liang is a clothing designer in New York, whose collections draw influence from the diverse personalities, palettes, and inspirations she observed growing up in NY.

Describe Tim Tam’s personality in three words. 
Sweetest, sensitive, smartest

Describe your own personality in three words. 
Curious, grandma, fuzzy 

Something we should know about Tim Tam.
His paws smell like corn chips. He has a lot of nicknames, like “Timmy Tuna.” My boyfriend Photoshopped a tuna tail on a photo of Tim and it is the most awesome photo. Our friends Phoebe and Peter, who do Cold Picnic, then made us T-shirts with the graphic embroidered on it.

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2. Cassi Namoda and her birds, Maria + Toquinho
Cassi is a painter and curator in Los Angeles. With dream-like elements and folkloric references, her painting calls forth an evocative and intimate recollection.

Describe Maria + Toquinho’s personalities in three words.
Timid, playful, flirtatious 

Describe your own personality in three words.
Thinker, observer, compassionate 

Something we should know about Maria + Toquinho.
They live in the room that will become at some point an atelier for painting and writing; I consider them almost the first addition. I purchased them both from a Mexican swap market as an ode to romance: they sing in the morning and reminds me of a call to spiritual love.


3. Jessi Frederick and her dog, Lou
Jessi is a stylist and art director in Brooklyn, NY.

Describe Lou’s personality in three words.
A loose cannon.

Describe your own personality in three words.
A bit sarcastic.

Something we should know about Lou.
It’s hard to pinpoint one specific memory or story because Lou’s existence thus far has been nothing short of entertaining. He has filled a void in my life I didn’t even know existed. Anyone who has ever met Lou describes him as being neurotic….and to that I say, if you were a human trapped in a dog's body, you too would be neurotic. 
He is filled with personality and has many characters. When he is being dramatic, we like to call him Daniel Day LOUis. When he is playing with his tennis ball, he is Serena WilLOUams. 

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4. Erica Chidi Cohen and her cat, Nima
Erica is a doula, educator, author, and the co-founder and CEO of LOOM in Los Angeles.

Describe Nima’s personality in three words.
Gregarious. Frank. Persistent.

Describe your own personality in three words.
Meticulous. Intuitive. Passionate.

Something we should know about Nima:
Nima has a humanlike quality to him, in fact his meow sounds like he’s saying “ello” — which is comforting to me but totally throws people off when they come visit — if they haven’t seen him yet but hear him cry out they always ask if there is a baby in house which amuses me no end. 

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5. Rachel Baker and her dog, Stinky Joe Wilson
Rachel Baker is a Minnesotan Polish Chinese blonde living in NYC, working on the design team at Creatures of Comfort.  

Describe Joe Wilson’s personality in three words. 
Stubborn sassy speedball

Describe your own personality in three words. 
Odd spacey Pisces

Something we should know about Joe Wilson.
In an effort to hang out with another dog, he once jumped off a ten-foot cliff. He landed on limestone, but somehow wasn't phased by the impact. Strangers were in awe of this feat.