Jessica Revesz

Places: Tulum

Jessica Revesz
Places: Tulum

I spent a week in Tulum with my boyfriend and two other couple-friends. The first four nights we stayed in huts on Tulum Playa, nestled in with all of the best restaurants and places to hang out.


My favorite restaurants were Casa Jaguar and Casa Violeta (both pictured above). The latter was great for lunch and hanging out during the day.

Our first day we rented bikes and rode about 10 miles to check out the Mayan Ruins. Then the next day we had our first dive trip (my boyfriend and I got certified a few weeks before our trip). We arrived at the dive shop before heading to Dos Ojos Cenote (a cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes ground water underneath. Basically, they are caves and tunnels with clear water and cool rock formations—Google it!) and I had a minor freak out. Before my arrival, I didn't realize that the dive would be full overhead enclosure. Because of this, floating up in an emergency is not an option. You must go back out the way you came in. I was overwhelmed with anxiety as I thought about whether or not I wanted to participate with the rest of the group. The dive master knew I was scared and explained that the first half was not totally covered and that I would have a choice to continue or get out at the halfway point. I did end up feeling really claustrophobic and got out before the fully enclosed part of the dive, but I am glad I got to experience the first half.

The next day we dove in Cozumel. The water was crystal clear and full of sea animals and colorful coral. We saw a sea turtle, Spotted Eagle Ray, and tons of fish. I am glad my diving experience ended on this note. Had I not gone out one more time, I would have been discouraged after the scary cenote experience!

At first sight, the huts we were staying at were amazing: right on the pristine beach, super cute, and even had a common area with Wi-fi. But soon, the magic wore off when I was covered in mosquito bites and in need of a warm shower and bathroom with a door on it. My boyfriend and I ended up extending our trip two extra nights, and traded in the hut life for a little more luxury at the Jashita Hotel. The hotel was really beautiful, right on its own private beach and had all of the amenities we could ask for. Not to mention breakfast was included and was absolutely delicious.